The Catalog | Layout and Timeline

Client was a luxury fashion brand that wanted its presentation slides to have the overall look and feel of its spring brand book. I was able to quickly export the original Adobe InDesign file into PowerPoint via Adobe Acrobat, a short cut the client was not aware of, which represented a huge time savings for the project. I laid out the image-heavy presentation in a structured way to facilitate visual perception by the audience. The client approved the omission of footers and page numbers; this made for a cleaner layout and allowed more content to be comfortably placed on each slide. I carefully arranged the photos on a versatile 4-column by 2-row grid built in the slide master. I maintained client’s own font pairing, and designed a light and elegant timeline in keeping with the client’s branding. In Presentation view the timeline is animated, with each of the key dates with their respective icons and event descriptions entering on to the slide in sequence to prevent the audience from reading ahead. It included “walk-in” and “walk-out” slides to accommodate the venue (not pictured here). Made using PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator.