Infographic | The Process Chart and Accessibility for Colorblind Audiences

For this project, a management consulting firm wanted a clean “infographic” style for an on-screen presentation in a conference room on large HDTVs.

We took the approach of building a central process diagram over which we would add layers of animated icons that represented pressure points on the process, like cycle times and rejection rates, with descriptive text. Carefully timed and placed animations of customized icons and text were made to enter on layers on top of the chart. There would be a lot of on-screen data, and we wanted to keep the design clean and focus on readability.

Here we also show a test view of this slide for colorblindness. Up to ten percent of men and one percent of women have color vision deficiency, the most common form of which is an inability to distinguish between red and green. Here we can see that blue and orange colors retain high contrast. Are you using the right colors in your presentations? You might be missing a large part of your audience. Make sure your visualizations are colorblind friendly!

Made using Keynote and PowerPoint.